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My name is Sherri Murray. I look forward to getting to know you, because I care about you and desire to make the birth of your baby as much a fulfillment of your desires as possible. And then, when you're home, I'll help you achieve confidence during your postpartum care. As a mother of five, all born at home, I know what was important to me, and I understand what is about to happen to you. I am a birth doula--apprentice-trained and certified by Motherwit Doula Care. I have lived in several provinces in Canada and worked with many midwives for the last 28 years handling support care during breech birth, twins, various medical emergencies, as well as functioning in a hospital environment.

Birth is a beautiful thing, and I am very blessed to be a part of it. Ideally, a baby is created by two people who love each other and their child, and the birth experience should be as special and fulfilling as the relationship that brought them together. There are so many precious moments in pregnancy, labour, and birth, and I want your memories to be good ones. I believe my purpose is to bring a calm atmosphere and education so parents have a positive experience.

While birth is a normal, natural process, it is challenging. Having someone who absolutely believes in you is necessary to meet any challenge, including giving birth. I do my best to support that experience, while not getting in the way of it. A birthing family should be nurtured and treated with respect. As a doula, I believe that your birth belongs to YOU--your body, your baby, your choices, your birth. The choices you make are yours. There is no good or bad. I will give you keys to educate yourselves on the pros and cons of all options and procedures and to do what is best for your family. Education is the key to health, and my job as doula is to help you along that journey. My passion in life (other than my family) is to provide professional labour services to families